Tavor Economic Consultants

Tavor Economic Consultants was established by Michael Tavor in 1991 and since then has acquired a remarkable reputation that is expressed both in wide range of private enterprises (entrepreneurships) from all the economic areas and in a notable record of institutional clients such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture and a number of municipal authorities.

The company’s guiding principles are work around the clock, urgent schedules, and .reasonable prices; all the three lead to maximal cost-benefit relation for the client.

The company has three core divisions:

Economy Consulting division that consists of two departments: businesses consultancy and public and institutions consultancy, including government offices and municipalities. The services that delivered are economic analyses of different kinds and professional guidance.

Investment Management division: the company has a licensee for portfolio investment management from ISA and is operating in the area of portfolio management and real investment on behalf of its private client and organizations.

Executives training division: Tavor’s advisers have an extensive experience in executives training and the company has a significant database of advanced studies for executives and managers on a wide range of topics from macroeconomic reviews to practical courses on financial management and decision making.

Company’s CEO: Michael Tavor

Michael Tavor has an extensive experience in economic consultancy and business management. Tavor served as an economic adviser in Ministry of Finance, a member in board of directors of public and private companies, a member of investment committees, steering strategic committees and etc. Tavor is the author of four books in economic and finance field and performed hundreds of economic analyses and business evaluations. Besides that, he lectures on the faculty of management in Tel Aviv University courses on economics and capital market.

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